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September 9, 2017
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January 13, 2018
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Deepening into the Heart Space. A Preparation for The December Solstice


A call to focus on opening the Inner doorways of Eternity folded deep in the heart.

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photo-1445953993297-28dff00088f3 The push is on for us as a race to deeply grasp our immortality, our eternal nature. So much has transpired over the past few months to establish us in the new territory of The Infinite, and yet it is still difficult for us to accept this as our truth.
We nod to it, talk about it, write about it, but the simple truth of living it as yet eludes us.
It’s here, now, alive in each one of us. It’s there for the touching, the breathing, the living. Maybe it seems too much of a leap, jumping from our imprisoned state, locked into the emotional and mental patterning of our past, into vast freedom on offer. So we do it slowly, bit by bit.
Its not that slow in truth. In Cosmic Timing it’s happening in the blink of an eye.
We complain that it’s too much, but our systems are designed for this, for extraordinary resilience, flexibility, durability and mutability. We are change itself. Often we fail to see the amazing shifts taking place just beneath the surface. We can be focused outside, looking for the big external changes to manifest. If we pay a little attention to the deep inner worlds, we see that one beautiful unveiling after another is taking place.
Stillness helps. It’s essential now, if we want any degree of sanity. Times of stillness really allow the inner transformation to ripple out through the layers and dimensions of the field into our physical world.
Holding the heart open too, is really important. This portal into eternity widens so easily now, opening us more deeply.
Back in September, the coming December Solstice was signalled to me as a trigger point for our planetary collective. A point where our Planetary Heart begins to unfold. This is already tangible. There is more Grace available, more love in the air. This is where the stillness is really useful, as these energies are subtle, and if your immersing yourself in the broadcast news, and daily drama, you might easily miss it.
This heart opening isn’t just humanities, it not even just the planets, it’s our Solar System, maybe it’s galactic…….who knows? I know it’s much bigger than us.
I also know that we are very fortunate to have volunteered to be here at this point, for this Cosmic Shift. We are a part of it, not just by-standers, but supporting and actualising the shift through our very Alchemical nature.
The planet is truly shifting gear. We have to follow suit.

On this recording we work deeply into the heart, unfolding dimensions and opening some of the doorways into Eternity that are now very ready to swing much wider. We will also work around the heart, into some deeply help patterning in the diaphragm and throat to really support and stabilise what is occurring.
On the call we will also integrate the new frequencies, Home Frequencies, that are downloading onto the planet now. These are showing up in preparation for the next, creative phase of our experience.

If any of this resonates with you, then please join me in the field of energy generated in this meditation..