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November 17, 2015
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December 1, 2015
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Enough is Enough!


Using a powerful blend of story, sound, and energy work, David guides a process to dissolve the old conditioning of enslavement, in its many guises, that now begs to fall away.

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Decoding the Genetics of Enslavement

Do you still find yourself bound by limiting behaviours, no matter how much spiritual work you do? Are you committed to the unfolding of consciousness within yourself and for others?

Most of us are aware that off-planet beings genetically engineered humans to be workers.  If we look deeply, we find that we are hard-wired for slavery.  It’s woven into our genetics.  Our addictions, our wounds and identities, our fears and desires, the opinions of others—all of these things enslave us.  We unconsciously give our authority away.  Daily.  To money, debt, the corporate world, corrupt governing systems, religions, rules…

This construct underpins the entire power dichotomy on the planet.  And, for eons, we have tirelessly played the polarity games of master/slave and victim/tyrant.

But what if it’s time to walk off of that playing field?  What if the energies on the planet now support a release from bondage?  Are you ready to claim your inner authority?

David Manning feels there is currently a more profound and ancient story emerging, one that reflects our Cosmic Nature, one that is embodied in the earliest levels of our genetic star-seeding. He has examined enslavement in many guises:  countless private sessions, cellular memories of genetic manipulation, inner research into the involvement of different races in history…  Over the past 10 years, his examination of the issue has intensified.  Now, it is front-and-centre.  Because the phenomenon of freedom from bondage is currently awakening from within.

Using a powerful blend of story, sound, and energy work, David guides a process to dissolve the old conditioning that now begs to fall away.  This audio offers you the possibility to:

  • Release authority issues
  • Reframe addictive patterns
  • Drop exhausting resistance
  • Clear outmoded programming
  • Dissolve polarised states
  • Integrate Cosmic and multi-dimensional aspects
  • Experience greater freedom

The slave rebellion is happening now.  And it’s unstoppable!  Are you one of the human beings who is brave enough to snap the chains that bind you?  Are you ready to move beyond enslavement and explore what lies beyond?

NOTE:  To receive the full impact of this audio, we recommend you listen to Unravelling the Inquisition.


Image Credit: Victor on flickr.