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July 18, 2017
Crystalline Connections; An Activation.
August 1, 2017
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Opening The Lions Gate and Eclipse Season.


The Lions Gate, August eclipses of moon and sun, a splitting of timelines. So much going on this month. Join me to explore and open to the very potent energies available, as we meditate deeply to integrate the streams of transformation that are heading our way.
Facilitated by a team of Cosmic Lions, we will connect with the energies of the Great Central Sun, Source, and become the transmitters and receivers of light encoded frequencies.
Its going to be an interesting ride.

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 The Lions Gate portal opens on the 26th July, and peaks on the 8th August. This year, on the 7th there is an partial eclipsed moon, and on the 21st, a full solar eclipse.
All of these offer the huge potential for transformation. The ever pressing need to release what no longer serves, and wonderful opportunities to open to the vast influxes of energy available at this time.
This teleconference will be a direct and powerful experience of the energetics of August, facilitated by the Cosmic Lions, whose energy is so present and available at this time.
We will work with the energies of the moon, our local sun ,and the Galactic and Universal Centres, as well as the Earth and our bodies to ensure that the transmissions are deeply integrated at a cellular level and grounded down into the Earth.
It will be an offering to the wider collective.

Many are speaking of time line and dimensional shifts taking place at this time. In this gathering, we will explore the highest possibilities, and anchor ourselves on the most resonant timelines for us.
There will, as always, be huge inter dimensional support to assist us. They are already showing up, and urging me to make this offering.
So if any of this resonates for you, then please join me as we open to the Lions Gate and integrate the vastness of the Great Central Sun.