Regeneration: A Vast Undertaking.
February 14, 2017
The False Light Construct: Dissolution
March 31, 2017
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Regeneration: Genetic Reconnect.


This, the second Regeneration call, will be a deep dive into our genetic lineage to free up some ancient programming. Combine this with a huge unfolding of the nervous system, and an integration of aspects of the Divine Masculine, and you will see its going to be quite a powerful event.

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The first Regeneration call took place on Sunday 19th Feb. I woke the next day feeling like shit. Nothing unusual in that. Often, after moving a lot of energy through my system on a call, the next thing I need to look at comes into view. 
This was my old friend Worthlessness. I spent a long morning looking into this. It was wrapped around my shushumna, a strong veil, a piece of our collective tapestry. As I looked I was aware of this, at a very deep level, being configured around “The Fall.”
Now, I believe there have been many falls in consciousness over the course of our evolution. All of them have been deep traumas etched into the collective psyche. Atlantis was one, another big one took place in Egypt. 
As I watched the construct slowly unravel itself, I could feel the deep shame of turning away from Source, turning my back on it. Over and over again. This has resulted in the deep seated feelings that at some level, I am not worthy to receive the fullness of my Greater Self. That I will never be forgiven. 
I knew what I was watching deep in my field, is a powerful collective issue.  
Later, working with a client, deep in her system, I was looking at treasure locked away, behind thick plate glass windows. It looked as if I were viewing something utterly priceless. It actually looked like The Holy Grail. As soon as I had clocked this, I saw Reptilian energy, and the story unfolded of our being disconnected from this treasure in our system, this treasure that we are, by the genetic manipulation that took place in our distant past.
I witnessed the reconfiguration of that in my clients system. A deep integration and activation.  
The worthlessness is bound to this genetic schism in our system. 
Next day, there was more. Another client, another piece of energy work. The most beautiful opening of our nervous system. 
It has for thousands of years, been wrapped around our physical body, locking us in to a very self centred view of our experience. What I saw was the nervous system being switched on to its potential to expand outward, like a beautiful tree unfurling itself, opening to the sun. It was no longer a stunted thing, growing in the shade, but a huge system, alert and sensitive to the impulses of the Cosmos. A true regeneration of our capacity to remember what we really are. 
I have to admit to being a little stunned by what I am seeing. It is so beautiful, so vast, so rapid. But we knew this was coming.  Since shifting out of the collective miasm back in November, onto a more evolved time line, things have hotted up. I am aware that what I see is deep in the collective fields, and that it will take a while to emerge fully. Probably years. But we are setting the seeds of our potential, and they are taking root. They will sprout. We are emerging. 
There are many levels of this operating at the moment. There is also a rapid opening in the physical body. An emergence of the Divine Masculine is really underway now. This is another of the strands of our story that is being re-woven into the tapestry of us.

If you want to explore and integrate these stories at an energetic level, please listen to the recording. It will be useful, though not essential to have listened to the first Regeneration call, before this one. Click for details.