Physical Upgrades and Clearing the Deep Victim.
November 26, 2016
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January 9, 2017
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Solstice Upgrades: The Heart, Throat and Head

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Solstice Upgrades:The Heart, Throat and Head

The link for the recording is at the bottom of this page.

We explore the strong energies of the December solstice of 2016 on this call. These are amplifying everything we are engaged in and signal a significant point of planetary change.

Also on this call, we look at the patterning around the heart and throat that locks us into very limited capacities to experience love, self expression and creativity.
Much of our societies are given over to the romantic ideal, which often is misleading to say the least.
Here, we dive deep, release the patterns of limitation around the heart and throat, and allow the universal heart to come much more fully online.
I have been seeing upgrades happening to the physical and energy bodies for some time. This is a significant one.
It means that we get to remember that love is not an external that we are forever seeking, but something that continuously bubbles up on the inside, like an ever replenished spring. Here we remember that we are love itself. Inundated by that we have always sought. Its beautiful.

As the energies of this heart state rise up into the throat, they bring about a change there too. Moving us back into an understanding of the true power of sound, voice, word. Our capacity to create.

Shot through with the emerging solstice energies, this call promises to be very powerful. As always the work is truly undertaken by Universal fields of light, and beings existing in many other dimensions. There is so much support available. In coming together, we can really make best use of that assistance.

I work with story, sound, imagery, meditation and energy work. A tapestry is woven that seems to have a really beneficial effect on the collective.

I hope you enjoy the recording. Almost all of the energy of the live event is contained in the recording. Click here to listen in or download.