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July 22, 2016
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The End of the Game: A Free Call


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The End of The Game. A Free Call

Many are heralding this time as a major point of change for the planet. Now, I’m adding my voice to the chorus.
Last week, preparing to give a talk, I was meditating, and asking,
” What is it we want to communicate?”
“Tell them it’s going to be ok.”
I’ve never heard that before.
“What do you mean?”
“It’s all going to be ok. The fields of duality are collapsing on the planet. You are not bound by history, it’s over, done. Your karma is finished. Nothing left to process. Now it’s time to walk off this playing field. A new game is about to begin.”

We have been in preparation for this for years. Clearing, processing, meditating, workshopping. It feels a little surreal to finally be at this point. But I really think this is it. I wouldn’t say it if I hadn’t experienced it personally. It landed in my body, a huge ball of energy, an awareness of the rightness of what I was hearing. This is the first time I have received guidance of this nature.
In my energy work sessions since, I have seen people making huge shifts, smoothly releasing deeply buried, ancient bindings and karmic pieces. People who have done little work emerging from underneath vast layers of personal and collective programming, confused by the lightness of the experience.

A couple of nights ago I had a dream, another layer of information. I was watching as a mechanic stripped down the vehicle I own, and transformed it into the latest model. It received a huge upgrade. All this took place in the house where I grew up. A place I think of as ‘the house of my mother’.
I lay in bed pondering the dream and understood that we are now about to receive upgrades at a physical level. Energies that enhance our experience of our body, and our physical world.
These are coming from The Mother, the Divine Feminine.

Sure enough, in my energy work sessions, people start receiving the most beautiful influx of energy, rising from the heart of the earth. As those complete, then finer frequencies begin to fall into their field from deep in the heavens. It is the most beautiful thing to witness.

I know now, when I see these things happening in the bodies and energy fields of my clients, that I am being give a glimpse into the potentials for the collective.

So it may be trite to say the energies, the pace of change is intense, but it’s also accurate.

I offered this as a free call to explore the extraordinary potentials of this time. The dust from the Equinox will have settled a bit, and we may be able to see a little way ahead.
If anything I’m writing about resonates for you, then please join me. There is some benefit to being present live, but if you can’t, then the call link is also the replay. You can listen at your leisure.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.