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The New Navigating System: Unveiling The Sushumna


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The New Navigating System: Unveiling The Sushumna

Our world is getting stranger by the day. That’s not going to change any time soon. We knew this time was coming. It’s what we have been waiting for. It’s the reason many of us incarnated.
What I am noticing now is that some of the underlying currents in my life that have been running for years are now weaving themselves together. 
Over six years ago, Guidance pushed me into a place, a dimension deep inside. They called it the River of Gold.  I was held there for hours as I acclimated myself to the frequency. 
I was then led to a teacher who’s focus was the processing of duality in the egoic structure, and enhancing the relationship with the Sushumna. This is a Sanskrit term for what I had been introduced to, The River of Gold. It’s an inner force of energy that is in a dimension deeper than the chakra system. 

This year, there has been a strong focus on releasing the world and ending duality in my personal field. Letting the world be as it is without needing to fix or save it. Its more difficult than I imagined. I have struggled with my desires and wants at political, social and environmental levels. I am constantly  bought back to inner teachings formulating along the lines of, “Let go of the old world, it’s dying. It’s meant to. There’s nothing you need to save or rescue. You can’t make it right. Instead, focus on the world that is being born. This is what you are here to do. Help in the birth of a new world.” 
That makes perfect sense to me. Until some situation arises that I think should be different. Think Britain in Europe, or Donald Trump for starters. 
Again and again I am shown that this is the play of the world, the old, dying world. It’s not my concern. I’m here to help a new world unfold. It’s just that at the moment, I have no idea how that will look. And that doesn’t matter. 
As many of the teachings I have worked with for years come together, I recognise they all point in the same direction.
The Sushumna, the River of Gold on the inside is the dimensional location where duality comes to rest. It’s underneath, in a deeper dimension than the chakra system, which now, for many, is dissolving. It’s beyond the pushes and pulls of the emotional field. It’s where our intentionality resides.The Sushumna is becoming the new navigational system. Anchor awareness there and much of duality falls away more easily.
As our world falls apart, this place brings balance. It has been hidden for many ages, its frequency unknown. Now is the time for us, en masse, to become visible from this place, at the level of frequency.

If this is feeling resonant for you, I will go into greater depth on this subject, and really explore and unveil the new navigational system that is the Sushumna. It is the realm of intentionality. That can change your world.
It has its bearings deep in the heart of the earth, and out in Eternity. We are sourced from this place.  It’s worth getting to know, now more than ever.