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August 1, 2017
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November 25, 2017
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Unfolding Energies of Creation.


A check in call, discussing prevailing energies, powerful meditation, some energy work, support and a Q+A.

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 Post eclipse, and we are certainly in a massive process of change. It was billed as“ The Great American Eclipse”, and at the moment the powerful clearing energies seem focused in that continent.
On Monday I felt as if we had moved into higher frequencies. It seemed to me that Hurricane Irma, along with the huge fires, have been a very powerful purifying force. Not just for that region, but at a planetary level..
We are really ready at collective levels to experience different realities, new creations.

Each of us will be experiencing the shifting energies in our own way of course. Meditating the other day, as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw and felt a series of crumpled energies in my system. They looked like screwed up balls of paper, all arranged down my left hand side. As I watched and enquired, the crumpled energies fell out of my field. I became aware of them as old realities I had explored, but not fully released. Sometimes I would run energy through one or other of them, to ignite something from my history, but now, they were falling away effortlessly.

Then, three large, fine, faceted golden globes of energy lined up above me. Slowly, one by one, they dropped into my system. I was told to bring them right through every level, into the cellular structure. They felt so light, like being dusted internally with finest spun silk. As I watched them integrate, I was told they are new reality constructs. Templates of a new level of creation.
They couldn’t integrate with any of the old realities still in place. Now we are getting to create from a different place.
Since these globes of energy integrated, I have noticed a significant upgrade in the ease with which old patterning falls away. All that needs to happen is bringing something to awareness, and then it releases
These golden fields of energy are available to everyone now. They will show up for you perhaps differently than they show up for me. It is important to give space to the dissolution of the old, and the availability of the new. That will play out for us all in very different ways, but sitting in relative stillness, and allowing it to happen for us, in us, makes for a much smoother, easier ride.
With these energetic influxes, often there is very little for us as personalities, to do. This can be confusing. We are so used to putting in a lot of effort.

I’m wondering what all of this this means. What I know is that for the past few months I haven’t felt particularly creative at all. I’ve enjoyed myself, but haven’t wanted to engage in projects. There has been a sort of hiatus.
Now it feels as if it’s time to move forward. Perhaps you’re beginning to feel it too.
Of course, for many, particularly in the U.S., chaos is reigning at the moment with fire, wind and flood. Obviously those concerns are physical priorities. But if you get a chance, wherever you are on the planet, feel into the deeper levels of energy. What are they calling you too? Are new realities beckoning for you too, new modes of creation? They are unfolding at planetary levels now. Make even small moves in the direction you are being called, or spend time writing about what it is you would like to experience, sowing seeds