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January 9, 2017
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Walking As One on The Cape Camino; A Special Teleconference.

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A 12 Day Walking Tour on the Cape Camino, April 21st-May 2nd

My good friend Ilse van Baalen and I invite you to this free teleconference where we talk about the upcoming African Adventure. We are both really excited to share this lovely opportunity with you. Its a profound chance to experience a deep connection with the raw power of mother Africa, in a place where many believe the story of mankind begins.

On this 12 day immersion into the mystical beauty of S. Africa, we will experience many wonderful opportunities to expand our sensitivity, deepen our awareness and connect with our heart, and the heart of the earth. We will explore landscape power points, rugged coastlines, and swim on pristine beaches. There will be healing ceremonies in the earth womb of an ancient fertility cave, a sound journey with a local sound healer, a herbal medicine steam with a female sangoma.
I will also be facilitating several healing, integrative inner journeys to help bring all of the experiences together.

Though this isn’t a safari, we will connect with animals like ostrich, penguin, buck, and work to enhance our inter-species communication with plants as well as animals.
There will be amazing local cuisine, and we will even forage in the landscape for our own food, and prepare our own feast.

There will be plenty of times to share, rest, meditate, journal, process and integrate, as well as a host of activities, and new friends to enjoy.
This will be a powerful and transformational journey. An honouring of our complete inter connectedness with the earth. There will be lots of fun, but you can also expect deep shift to occur.

If the world is feeling crazy to you, consider this retreat back to nature, walking on the earth, deepening connection with yourself and nature. Its where sanity and truth prevail, underneath all the madness we witness.

Join us for this free teleconference to learn more.

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