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June 22, 2016
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April 9, 2017
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Regeneration. We Are Being Repurposed


We have little idea of the vastness of the undertaking we are engaged in. This is a simple truth. As an Evolving Collective, the patterns now dissolving, resolving, integrating and emerging are way beyond the scope of the human mind to comprehend. You have to move into Galactic or Universal Mind to get a glimpse of what is afoot. But I believe it is Cosmic in scale. 

As we moved out of 2016, I became aware that this was new territory. We are in a new world. Nothing of the old need, or can be carried over. Everything has to be upgraded for a new set of frequencies.  We are being repurposed.

Working with clients very early in January, something quite stunning emerged that took me by surprise. I saw the huge collective agreements that we formatted to make sense of life on this planet beginning to dissolve.
It’s as if, eons ago, when we agreed to be present here, there had to be “rules” about how this world works. What was the purpose of life here? what are the basic operating templates that give us enough cohesiveness to be able to relate, and make collective sense of this earthly experience. Time, gravity and density of matter are some of those agreements. These are things we appear to be governed by. 
Elevated teachers have always pointed us in the direction of freedom, and to do that they have had to release the collective agreements, from their field so as not to be ruled by them. Now, this is happening en masse, maybe for the first time in history. Who knows? Its happening at the both the personal and collective level. All our ideas of ourself that have held us bound are dissolving too. 
Its deeply confusing. Destabilising. And its happening now, causing near panic for many. These agreements have been in place for ever, but this is what we came for. We are designed for this.
 At the same time, there is the most beautiful blossoming occurring, again deep in the collective field. Its starting to show up individually, but for most of us, it is still a very subterranean event. 
We can make the journey much easier by aligning wholeheartedly with it, saying a deep inner “YES, LETS DO THIS.” 
The dissolution will allow, as ever, a huge influx of high frequency, creative flow. We are being regenerated at every level. In order for that happen, we have to let go of the past, release its clinging to the very fabric of our energy field.
There is nothing worth holding on to, not in comparison with what is coming. We can just let it slip from our grasp now, and recognise that, though we may have no idea of the vast scope of what is emerging, we are beautifully held in that process.
It’s very easy at this stage to be overwhelmed by the anxiety naturally arising from very deep, tectonic shifts in the personal and collective fields. Easy to be swept along on currents of fear and despair. Don’t surrender to those impulses. Recognise that something truly majestic is unfolding, and hold to that instead.