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Softened by Pain
November 20, 2015
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March 8, 2016
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Unexpected Gifts


Some years ago I received a powerful teaching from a surprising source. At the time I was painfully aware that animal suffering was very difficult for me to witness. Films of dolphins slaughtered in their hundreds, or the bludgeoning of elephants for ivory were impossible for me to watch. I felt ashamed,  cowardly; unable even to witness the brutality from the remote safety of my living room couch. I simply refused to let it in.

Over the coming weeks elephant energies started turning up in my work.  Animal energies have always showed up to offer their particular frequency to clients I am working with. This was different. They were showing up for me.

I had powerful experiences of being taken into the formless awareness field of the elephant. The overwhelming expansion offered dissolved some of the structure in my field. I knew that what was offered was a result of my confusion over animal suffering. I had no idea where it was leading, but it was beautiful.

Then, on a Saturday morning, daydreaming on a train journey, I became aware of the presence of elephant energy. It was in the distance, a way off in consciousness.

It asked, “Will you let us into your heart?”

“No, you’re too big,” was my response, I was scared. How could I let it into my heart? I closed the door on the encounter, and got off the train, confused by my response.

Sitting in a coffee shop a few minutes later, reflecting on my fearful reaction, I recognised my mistake, and reached out to elephant consciousness to invite it in.

Immediately, from the back of my heart there was a pushing sensation. The whole of my heart expanded. The same vastness I experienced before was now focused inside my chest. Barriers that I didn’t even know existed fell away.  The whole of Africa was inside me.

“Hold the whole situation in this open hearted space. Us, the poachers, the ivory traders, the game keepers, corrupt officials, the poor villagers, the buyers, the ivory carvers, the whole situation. It’s what we do. It’s what you can do too.”

The deep wisdom of this guidance still echoes through my body. In this gift there was an immediate understanding of the animal kingdom’s generosity toward humanity. They wait for us to awaken to the dimensions they already occupy. They hold us in this heart space, with no judgement, no conditions.

As I practiced this process, I became  aware of the magnitude of what I had been offered. Opening into this vast space to watch a gruesome YouTube of animal atrocities, I felt the whole universe watch with me. If I’m prepared to suspend my judgement,  space opens for Eternity to wash through, bathing the situation I am viewing. My awareness acts as a focusing device for The Infinite, and everything I see gets touched by that, along with all the factors I can’t see.

My heart literally becomes a portal through which grace flows from higher dimensions into this one.

I write about this now, because the simplicity and power of this practice are much needed. Recently in Paris, ugly attacks have left many dead. Politicians react predictably, and the whole situation looks set to escalate. It is so tempting, we are encouraged, nay expected to blame and fear. If we are committed to our own growth and the unfolding of a new way on this planet, then we can choose differently.

We don’t have to wait till we are free of judgement, or unconditional in our loving. We just have to offer our heart space to that. Invite it in. Ask it to watch the news with you, through you. Ask it to teach you how to view the world with eyes of love, so every aspect of the world situation gets bathed in the blessing that immediately flows.

The beauty of this practice is that every time I offer myself to it, I experience more dissolution. I feel  the layers of my awareness field washed through with that glorious energy and I am a little more disentangled from the 3D world. Fear and my desire to judge and blame diminish.

I have no idea of its impact in world situations, but I experience the deeply healing effect of that frequency in my own body and field. I know that offering it without limitation allows that energy to be available to everyone. It’s effect can only be beneficial.

The elephants showed me their ability to hold not only their own suffering, but the suffering of the world in their vast heart. The world has never needed that as much as it does now. And we have never needed more to detach and be both dispassionate and compassionate at the same time.

It is tempting to be pulled by the horrors we witness daily, to lock into low vibrational states and run that energy through our field.  The opportunity is to bow to all we see, and hold our personal heart open to it so the Universal Heart can move through us into the confusion.

This energy is what will lubricate our exit from the trap of 3D thinking in a way that nothing else can, and it will open doorways and exit points for others too.