Technologies of Light. One Day Event. Saturday June 11th. 10.00am-4.00pm



The recent one day event proved to be very successful, so I’m offering another.

As always with my work, I don’t actually know what will be happening till we actually get going. Usually a few days before the event, things start to fall into place. So, I’m simply putting up the same piece of information that went alongside the first event. More accurate details will follow as they land.

This one day workshop will take place in a small hotel in North London. Limited numbers. I’ve called it Technologies of Light, because that is what we are. That is what we are remembering ourselves to be. This day will be an aid in that process of remembering.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. I think the wait is just about over.

So it isn’t so much that we will be downloading light technologies into our field, though there will no doubt be some of that. It is more that we come to deeply understand and accept that of ourselves. We give up the game of being the wounded human and become comfortable with ourselves as beings that came here with the intention of upsetting the apple cart.

We do that simply by heavily cloaking ourselves, for thousands of years, in the patterning and conditioning of being human, and then awakening to the fact that it is not who we are. Once this happens, we cast off the cloaks of density we have worn.

The light body, is a technology in and of itself. We are becoming accustomed to it as a new template ids formatted for humanity to move forward into the New Earth.

So this day will include some powerful clearings as much is available to be released. It would be great to clear it all, but that simply isn’t how it works. What is available for release differs with each off us. There will be a couple of rounds of this at various points through the day, because as soon as you work with powerful fields of light, the soul pushes for the opportunity to jettison as much as possible. More becomes available very quickly.

You can expect integration of aspects of your multi-dimensional self. You will gain a deeper appreciation and awareness of yourself as field of light, with a human and a Divine purpose. The two are perfectly dovetailed and synchronised.

Because the heart is such a significant point in pour awakening process, there will always be work to restore, open, balance and harmonise the heart. Now, that is happening at vast, planetary and Universal scales as we upgrade and upscale awareness of all that we are.

A massive number of beings gather with us in other dimensions to facilitate very profound shifts. They help to expand our awareness up and out into some of the upper levels of the field, releasing more and more of the imprisoning structures of our history. We couldn’t do this work without this huge field of support. It truly is them that do the work. We simply receive the grace that becomes available.

Hopefully this gives a taste of what the day will be about, As always, I work very much in the moment and with what guidance and the bodies bring. There is no script that is followed. The orchestration of the day happens in other dimensions.