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Intensive Group Work

Working together as a small group, maximum, 5 people, we will create a powerful containing field of transformation. Each participant will have the opportunity to take centre stage and become the focus. Individual patterns will be worked through and cleared. As always, the dynamics of the strong container mean that what happens in one body will be available to all the bodies.
Themes tend to emerge on these calls to, so as well as being individual, they are collective pieces of work. It is necessary to access these calls via phone or Skype. The replay is yours to download and listen to as you wish. A great way to sample David's energy work.
These calls will be 2 hour duration

Intensive Group Work calls are usually are arranged monthly. Please sign up to my mailing list as these places are reserved quickly.

List of Past Calls Available to listen to NOW!

Regeneration: A Vast Undertaking

We have little idea of the vastness of the undertaking we are engaged in. This is a simple truth. As an Evolving Collective, the patterns now dissolving, resolving, integrating and emerging are way beyond the scope of the human mind to comprehend. You have to move into Galactic or Universal Mind to get a glimpse of what is afoot. But I believe it is Cosmic in scale.
As we moved out of 2016, I became aware that this was new territory. We are in a new world. Nothing of the old need, or can be carried over. Everything has to be upgraded for a new set of frequencies. We are being repurposed.

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Physical Upgrades and Clearing the Deep Victim

We have recently shifted timelines. We moved off the timeline of the victim/tyrant polarity that runs this planet. It will still play out, but we don't have to engage in that dimension if we don't want. What this means is that some of the deepest strands of the archetypal victim pattern are up on the surface, ready to clear. On this call, we help that process along.
We are also opening to some of the very beautiful upgrades that are happening in and around the physical body. Here we focus on the spine and sacrum. These are places of extraordinary activity. As usual, I work with a mix of story, sound, meditation and energy work. If this resonates or interests you then join me. The is a powerful call.

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Featured Call - The Ancient Gods: Ending Our Allegiance

Have you consciously disconnected from the vast numbers of gods and beings you worshipped in other lifetimes? Are you ready to live your sovereignty? Every culture we have incarnated into has its own pantheon of gods. Egyptian, Roman, Grecian, South American, Celtic, Nordic, Japanese…….It's an endless list. Through our vast evolutionary history, we have sworn loyalty to many of these different belief systems, deities, habits, superstitions, sacrifices, rituals, ceremonies and prayers. Unless we have made a conscious decision to disconnect from those religions, we may still be handing over our lifeforce to them, purely out of habit. It's an expensive habit. Especially now.

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Featured Call - The New Navigating System: Unveiling The Sushumna

Our world is getting stranger by the day. That's not going to change any time soon. We knew this time was coming. It's what we have been waiting for. It's the reason many of us incarnated.
The Sushumna, the River of Gold, on the inside is the dimensional location where duality comes to rest. It's underneath, in a deeper dimension than the chakra system, which now, for many, is dissolving. 
If this is feeling resonant for you, then join me for a teleconference where I will go into greater depth on this subject, and really explore and unveil the new navigational system that is the Sushumna. It is the realm of intentionality. That can change your world.

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More Past Calls

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