About Energy Work

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The energy work I facilitate has changed and simplified over the years. Now, there is a transmission of energy along with a very simple, profound witnessing.

I “do” very little. As I watch the energy, a Field of Grace, moves through me for whoever is showing up in the session. I witness as it unfolds and softly penetrates layers, lifetimes of patterning, wounding and identification. These tend to be very relieved to be seen, and let go very willingly, dissolving, falling away.

The purpose is to reveal what has always been there underneath the wrappings we have identified with. Wholeness. Unity. Truth.

It doesn’t matter what you have done, experienced or had done to you. This Wholeness is waiting to be remembered.

Sound is used in the session to help lift patterns and energies out.  Often there are huge influxes of energy, downloads of light and information that have been waiting to happen, but couldn’t while the field was configured in old paradigm patterns.  These integrate smoothly, bringing new dimensions of awareness.

The transmission of energy works very deeply into your system, and continues to penetrate over the days following a session. Old timelines and templates fall away. You are recalibrated and reconfigured. Frequently, opportunities and openings occur as your relationship to life has shifted at fundamental levels.

The intelligent energy that works isn’t interested in the story of what has happened, just in restoring you to wholeness.