About Teleconferences

Over the years I have been offering teleconferences, a field of energy has been built. It is this field that does the energy work. It is this field that facilitates the clearing.  We, all of those assembled on a teleconference, hold the field. It isn’t mine, and we don’t hold it alone.

As we come together online, usually from all over the world, we extend invitations to many different dimensions of beings. Often, they will alert me beforehand that they have something to offer.  Sometimes it is them that initiates a teleconference, with something specific in mind. It is they, the non-physical beings and attendees that by far outnumber us humans on any teleconference and do most of the work of holding the field.

The field we operate within is a multidimensional field that works with each individual exactly where they are, helping to dismantle and dissolve patterning and wounding, whatever it is we are calling on to be worked with.

So, on teleconferences we work with field dynamics in a sense. Often, we use the power of the field to amplify the experience we are having, and to make it available to the wider collective of the planet so it becomes woven into the thread of the larger tapestry. Then it is available as energetic homeopathy to anyone that is seeking what we have experienced.

I believe field dynamics are going to be a potent force to be studied and understood in the future. You can sample them in any of my teleconferences.