Meditation: Fundamentals

Welcome to this Fundamentals page. Here you will find a few free guided mediations that I consider are fundamental to the journey we are all on.
There is no order that these need to be experienced in. Dive in and try the one that catches your eye first. It might be best to use headphones to listen in. It can help to take us deeper.
Each of these meditations is preceded by a short talk on the subject. It’s basically just some of my impressions and experience. Sometimes my take on things is a little different and I tend to come at things from an unusual angle.
If you are new to to this field of exploration, these offerings can be a way in to your inner landscape, and deeper connectivity. If you listen a couple of times, you may find your own way develops and you no longer need to use these. That is perfect.
If my approach doesn’t suit you, please try someone else’s work. There are millions of these type meditations all over social media. You will find someone that does resonate for you.
If you do like these, then the free page has a list of longer pieces of meditation and energy work that you could take a look at.
The paid for meditations on this page will take you deeper into regions already explored in the free offerings.
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This meditation gently but profoundly takes you into the depths of the heart field. This is a vast portal of infinite spaciousness. It will certainly bear repeating.
There is an introduction, and the actual meditation begins around the 11.30 mark.
Some deep healing work in this meditation too.


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