Survival v’s Creativity.



We are being triggered into massive collective programmes around security and money. World economies are straining and many teeter on the brink of collapse. Individuals all over the world are facing some of their worst fears at a financial level. The fundamental patterning of survival is up in the collective, very strongly.

It can be useful to pay attention to collective energies, just so we know what influences are present. We then get to be much more conscious about the choices we make. That’s the point about survival patterning. It locks us into  unconscious programming. The whole of the energy field closes down, adrenaline surges and our brain moves into its reptilian state, where only survival matters. We make choices based on ancient patterning rather than on what we know to be true, or what we are aiming for.

Many of us have lived in and from those places of fear. We know them well, and have taken years to remove their sticky tendrils from our system. As the collective deepens into this “dark night of the soul”, there is another option that presents itself strongly.

Creativity. It is the complete antidote to the fear programming that is broadcasting around the planet.

Of course when we are triggered into panic states, and our media is doing a fine job on this, then creativity is the first thing that closes down. We tend to focus only on getting immediate needs met. Food, and of course toilet paper become important.

Most of us are still dealing with some degree of survival patterning. Thats totally ok. A highly creative option now could be to allow your patterning to be massively triggered. Bring it to the surface. Welcome it out of all of its hiding places. Bring it on. The ancient patterning that we are encouraged to lock into, is actually, at another level, very available for release. It requires shifting to a different dimension in order to do that.

I have been fascinated recently by the energy work happening in the one to one sessions. It seems everyone is having a major spine, brain and brain stem clearing. I realise now that much of what is clearing is the patterning of survival.

As more and more of these patterns fall away, then our whole system flowers in the most beautiful way. We open to new levels of creativity. This creativity, our natural state, is emerging so strongly now, from under the vast heap of conditioning that we have believed to be us, believed to be true.

It is really important to make clear and wise choices now. Don’t buy into the panic that is being broadcast more and more strongly. You can simply sit and invite your team to be very present with you. Get clear in your intent to release any ancient patterning locking you into survival mode. Ask for the help of your team. Then watch, sense, feel what happens. You’ll be surprised at the amount you shift, and the place you move to. Do it often. Every time you feel yourself swamped by collective patterning. Become aware of what is yours and what is collective. Pay attention now.You don’t need me or anyone else to do this.

The creativity that is being awoken, stimulated in each of us is breathtaking. There is a true and deep emergence of sacred selves happening, despite what appears to be occurring  in the world.

You might almost believe there was a conspiracy to keep us limited and small. How silly we would be to be distracted by that, when what is emerging is so compelling, so real, and so vital.

On this teleconference, we will work with survival programming, creating a strong multi-dimensional field. we will bring conditioned patterns to the surface, and invite its dismantling.

We will of course spend more time opening to the supremely creative impulses that are now landing.


“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman ”