Trust Your Emergence.


Dissonance strengthens as Truth emerges. Will you be pulled apart or will you come together at this time? It is time to trust your emergence.


As we come to the greatest flowering of consciousness on the planet, we also find ourselves  in the greatest “lockdown” that we have experienced.

This is all perfectly orchestrated. The flowering is unstoppable, yet some of the forces of control operational on this planet are desperate to tighten the reigns. Polarities strain and reach  breaking point. It is in fact a breakthrough.

We have developed for thousands of years in fields of dissonance, where our senses told us one thing, but our family, teachers, politicians and society have told us something else. We have learned to dismiss the still small inner voice in favour of fitting in and being accepted. We all have deep cellular, ancestral and past life memories of being tortured and killed  for believing, speaking or living outside of convention tight dictates.

The deep sensitivity we are capable of has been compromised, and our capacity to trust ourselves, our intuition has been fractured. Sensitivity is not as asset in a brutal world.   The safety we should feel as Universal Beings choosing to incarnate in a Planetary Experiment is warped by our deep immersion in discordant fields.

As dissonance strengthens on the planet our innate capacity to detect bullshit, and lock onto truth is sharpening massively. This is very uncomfortable. The tectonic plates of collective consciousness are cracking and shifting as we prepare for an emergence, a huge planetary breakthrough.

Pay attention to the deeper truths emerging within you. Pay attention to what your field and body are telling you and to what they are shedding. There is the most beautiful unveiling happening.

The veil that is falling away is fabricated of the lies and distortions we have been fed. The manipulations and manoeuvring that have taken place. Each time in our history, not just this lifetime, we have believed a lie, we have discounted and disconnected from our truth. The human energy field is wired for truth. It will alert us to truth when we ask. It will signal when we are in a field of deception.

The incredible force field of straining polarities has a purpose. It is awakening many. It’s like being under massive pressure or pulled apart. The unstoppable emergence of  Truth is gaining momentum.

On this teleconference we will work to release the veils of dissonance and strengthen and stabilise our ability to trust what we feel and know. This involves supporting the nervous system as it expands again, and moves into more of its multidimensional capacities.

We will focus on uncontaining the energies of our True Self as they are emerging butterfly like, from thousands of years of encapsulation.

Everything we do now is in service to this awakening and this emergence.