Aquamarine Fields and The Ankh


A teleconference focusing on the specific energies of Aquamarine and its close cousins , Heliodor, and Morganite.

The powerful symbol of the Ankh was also Introduced.



For a long time the energy of the stone Aquamarine has been a very powerful ally and support for me. I have been aware that it is a stone “who’s time has come.”

Years ago, I realised whenever I was seeing or experiencing something to do with Atlantis, I would see it tinged in the colours of Aquamarine, as if I were viewing it through a lens made of that stone. Im often a bit slow on the uptake, so it took me a while to understand that Aquamarine is a key, that can unlock the energies of Atlantis for us. This is very important at this time as we have now mostly dealt with the trauma associated with that civilisation and are ready to access the wisdom again.

I was urged to use the stone in energy work sessions with individuals, and when I did, was totally amazed at what I saw it accomplishing in their bodies and fields.

Now, the Aquamarine energy wants to be played through a teleconference. It has something specific and useful to offer at this time. I have hesitated on this for a months, as often I feel I am perhaps letting my preferences run away with me, and moving into fantasy. Recently, as the energy has become more persistent, I have come to understand why.

At these times, when there are so many major energetic influxes, upwellings and integrations available, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and close down to what is on offer rather than open up. Aquamarine, brings order to chaos. It eases tension and soothes and smoothes in a way that no other stone I have worked with does.

One of its major functions is to cleanse, and this it does brilliantly. What I do is to hold a stone and run energy through it into the field of an individual or group. Aquamarine, the name means “water of the sea”, washes deep into the structure of individuals and collectives, rinsing them with its crystalline clarity. It calms, with its cool blue frequency and helps if there are many energies trying to settle into a system. It eases them into the perfect place, creating space and allowing a much easier “fit”.

This teleconference is taking place between the major energetic influxes of the 12/12 and the Solstice on 21 or 22 December, depending where you live. It will aid us in settling an energetically tumultuous year into our system and prepare us for what is coming over the Solstice and into the big shift points of January.

This is certainly going to be a recording that will be a useful one to have in your collection as the benefits will be available whenever you feel stressed, overloaded or overwhelmed.

Beryl is the constituent mineral of Aquamarine. On this teleconference we will work with the energies of Aquamarine and some of its close cousins, Heliodor, beryl in its golden form and Morganite, a pink variety.

All have very different energies and impacts.