The Gods of War; Accessing the Neutral Field


The Gods of war can still have a call on our energy if we haven’t disconnected from them in a conscious way. This piece of energy work will help you to do just that.



The Gods of war are an active force on this planet. They have been for millennia.
Over thousands of years, many cultures, tribes, countries and communities have had a powerful relationship with them. We have sacrificed and preyed to them, beseeched and pleaded with them, and offered them much if our armies were victorious, our sons, fathers lovers and husbands were returned, and our communities saved or spared.
Of course, our “enemies” were partying to their gods for the same things. The same beings, maybe wearing different cultural masks, reaping the energy of those offering preyers and sacrifices, as well as the vast energy of bloodshed and misery resulting from the conflict.
Today, we don’t have to look too far to see their impact. Chaos is strengthening on the planet. Nothing wrong with that. It is a vital part of rebirth, We can’t avoid it. Conflict though, often amplifies in chaos, and that can be avoided.
These connections with the war gods, woven over many lifetimes and thousands of years, are still active within us. These “deities” are often astral entities that feast on the jagged energies of fear, misery, pain and warfare. it is in their interests to stir and create conflict wherever possible. In individuals, nations, presidents and preachers. many of our current religions are deeply committed to and connected with these bloodthirsty beings.

I have been aware of this for a few years, but only recently has it really pinged my awareness. I offered a small piece of work on this subject over the recent weekend intensive. Since then it has become clear that a much bigger piece of work is wanting to happen.
So, this will be a teleconference and a profound piece of energy work to disconnect from the Gods of War. This process will make it much easier to access the neutral field that is so available now, and so needed on this planet. It needs human bodies and energy fields that are willing enough and empty enough to be able to anchor neutrality. It’s a tricky thing to do. So easy to be pulled into taking a position. The Universe takes no position. It allows everything to unfold, holds and watches it all with complete neutrality.
We can be sources of that neutrality on the planet too. Releasing our connections to ancient conflict loving deities is a very useful piece of work in terms of clearing the personal field to allow something much bigger and peaceful to emerge.