December Solstice of 2019


The December Solstice is upon us. As in previous years, this promises to be a monumental moment of planetary and personal change.

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The December Solstice is upon us. For many it is the culmination of the year, the major portal of celebration. It has had religions graft their own symbolism onto it, but, in effect, it its simply about the earths relationship with the sun, and our understanding of ourselves as in relationship with everything.

In the times we find ourselves, the December Solstices have held enormous power because they herald an opening to the Universal Centre. Huge energy flows into our solar system and directly onto the earth at this time. Everything is amplified. The energy penetrates deep, clearers massively, activates exponentially.

This December Solstice is no exception. Activations abound, clearings are near instant now. Millions are awakening. On this teleconference we will be working with the powerful energetics of the Egyptian symbol The Ankh.

There will be activation of  the Circuitry of Immortality.

I’ll write more about that as we get closer to the event.

Unprecedented times we are in. I hope you’ll join me.