The Death Wish; Fields of Vastness and Intensity


All that has been hidden is being revealed. This call explores and gives space to this profound emergence that we are in at the moment.



So, something a little different and something that has occupied my mind over many years now.
Im talking about the Death Wish,
Most of us harbour this to one degree or another. Often it is deeply buried and secret, but powerful non the its time to bring it out into the open, The Death Wish. if it stays as a part of our shadow it will often create extraordinary difficulties for us.
It is working at that level across the whole planet now. We could say that there is a major planetary death wish in operation. The more of us that are willing to work with this very strong undercurrent of energy, and make ourselves very conscious of it, and really do the work of transformation around it, then I know from past experience that this can have a huge impact for the wider collective.

If you are confused around the idea of a death wish and how it might be showing up in your life, here are some clues as to how it can show up;
Depression and suicidal thoughts
Life threatening illness
Constant accidents and injuries
Always finding you sabotage yourself and your plans
Self hatred and self negation
Not able or willing to show up
Wishing you existed on another planet, time line, lifetime

All of these can be aspects of a deeply harboured death wish. We will go into these more deeply in order to pull them up to the surface so we can gain clarity around this issue. This will hopefully allow us to access more creative energy for our lives, rather than finding ourselves stalled and circling, or moving backward even.

Its going to be very powerful, and very timely for me personally. I’ve looked long and hard at this recently, and found some surprises in store as I went deeper. It is also very pertinent at a planetary level, as we hear more and more species teeter on the brink of extinction, and the planet is ravaged by our collective greed and short sightedness.