Honey Bees and Higher Dimensions; Dimensions 5, 6 and 7.


The Honey Bee is a powerful messenger, inviting us to open into higher dimensions of ourselves and informing us its time to work together to co-create the world we want to live in.


On a recent weekend intensive, where we were working to integrate Higher Dimensions, the energy of Honey Bee showed up quite insistently. It was a powerful inclusion. Very welcome. Nothing I had planned.

Recently, when I was doing the same higher dimensional work with an individual, the Honey Bee again showed up, this time in physical form. I knew this was an invitation to explore more deeply.

I understand the Honey Bee helps is a messenger energy, carrying in-form-ation from the realm of the Gods. It is encouraging us to open to and integrate these higher dimensions. It also is symbolic of the need to work as a community to create change.

I wasn’t expecting to be offering this work again after the weekend intensive, but I realise its important now, that we really start to raise frequency in this fundamental way for ourselves and the planet. It is a preparation for what is coming in 2020, and the more we do now, the smoother the future integration will be. I’m becoming more aware that we are operating a little ahead of the curve, and we really help the wider collective by bringing in “future energies”  in this way.

On this teleconference, which will be a bit longer than usual, we will, as always start by building the field, watching for what energies want to show up and support. We will work directly with the honey bee energy, and then we will open to the frequencies of the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions.

Its important to note that as these energies come into the field, they will, if necessary, create a deep clearing process of their own, at a cellular level. This is how the energies establish themselves in physical form..

These dimensions and frequencies want to be present on the planet now. They need human bodies to work through, to anchor them in physical reality. It’s time for us to open to these dimensions of ourselves, to expand our version of ourselves. As these energies influx, they automatically release low frequency structures and patterns. Those old energies can’t hold form in  the face of these higher frequencies of light.

Once the field has established itself we will hold it for the planet. The same is true on the planetary level. Old patterns and structures all break down when high frequency, higher dimensional energy is focused into them.

I’m aware that in the run up to a teleconference a lot more information will land, and usually a lot of other energies  and elements will present themselves for inclusion in the call.

This teleconference will be about 1hr 45 mins long



Photo by Trollinho on Unsplash