Becoming Visible: On-line Intensive. a three part workshop, including special Equinox meditation


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Hiding has been a necessity on this planet for many thousands of years. Being too visible could have got you into serious trouble-or even killed. Now though, we find ourselves in the time that we contracted to show up for. We agreed to be visible at this point.

Many of us still find this daunting.

What if there were a simple way of showing up – at the level of frequency. What if it were possible to be guided by your own frequency, led by it to the life you have always longed for.

First and foremost we are beings of energy. Take care of those dimensions, then, whatever wants to unfold in the physical world can. This, from my perspective, is what being visible is all about.

It isn’t necessary to write a killer blog, or be a world beating psychic or healer. It’s about showing up fully in energetic terms, then allowing the flow to take the lead. Life becomes an adventure that draws us down the paths of our highest destiny and deepest joy, with less effort, more ease and grace.

This offering comes in three parts, including a special recording that took place at the time of the September Equinox, and holds the energy of the event.