The Heart Field; Connecting to the Web of Life. A two part intensive.


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The world is looking steadily crazier and more unstable. Everywhere you focus, there is crisis at or just beneath the surface. It is stressful to even consider the implications of what we are witnessing in politics, the environment, education, healthcare. The squeeze is on. Everything, including us, is being compressed into smaller and smaller spaces and containers.

Of course the impulse of creation that we are following is pushing in the other direction. Expansion is the name of the game. Claiming and moving into the vastness that we are. Grounding that on and for the planet.

This  confusion can be difficult to bear. What should we do for the best? How do we tackle the problems of our world? How do we live well in the midst of this craziness? Is that even possible? How do we stop ourselves from being swamped and overwhelmed by the tidal wave of negativity that we are immersed in?

I have been asking these questions for a while now, as I become increasingly disturbed by the politics and of my and other countries, and the ever declining state of the environment. I have been confused. I thought things would be different by now. I thought the rising tide of awareness would have been impacting now, at the very physical level, so I have been disappointed to witness the strengthening of hate filled agendas, and ridiculously damaging corporate decisions.
When ever I ask, in meditation, what should I be doing, it is always the same type of response. Guidance tells me,

“ Hold your heart open, no matter what. Listen to the energies. Don’t get caught in the drama of the world. Many have come now to witness the dying of the old world, so let it die. Don’t be involved in its struggles. This will just prolong the agony. You are here to lay the foundations of the new world. That is what you can best focus on. There is nothing more important now, than witnessing and strengthening the rising frequencies of transformation. These are emerging from the heart of the earth and pouring in from the cosmos. Most importantly, they are emerging from deep within the core of each of you too. Listen to and watch these energies. They have all of the clues and directions you need. The transformation is happening, more rapidly than you understand, at every level of your being. Don’t fall into despair at the apparent workings of power structures on the planet. Recognise the immense unstoppable power that is what you are, each one of you. Tap into that. Be that. This is where you need focus for the most impactful change in this world.”

I have recently undergone a crash course in holding my heart open in difficult and challenging circumstances. I experienced the most extraordinary grace whenever i was willing to offer myself to the impulse of love,despite what life appeared to be offering. It has been yet another fiery initiation into the raw power of love.
I now feel called to offer this extended exploration of The Heart Field because i believe, and am being show that it is the most important thing we can offer, the most valuable thing we can do and be in these transitional times.

Over the course of the weekends teleconferences we will dive deep into the following topics and issues, as well as much more;

Holding ourselves and others in Grace
Letting go with love
Dissolving attachments
What is right for me? What no longer works?
Anger at the heart level
Heart break, ancient and modern
Transforming hate to love
Giving our heart to the earth
Supporting Planetary fields of transformation
We will as always be joined by a huge host of inter dimensional beings who have a vested interest in helping and supporting us in our endeavours. The recordings of the two teleconferences will be yours to keep and dive into over and over to deepen into The Heart Field.

Please note, the calls will be around two hours each.