Releasing The Construct of The Human Condition.


Its time to dismantle the construct go the human condition. Its ancient and vast, and ready to collapse. We have been working with it for many many years. Now its ready to let go.



Maybe 10ys ago I was asking “Why has my life been like this?”
I was struggling at the time with the level of trauma and dysfunction I had been born into and gone on to create. The response was deeply satisfying.
Immediately, I saw a vast wall, made of huge stone blocks, towering high and diving deep into a dark sea. My awareness dropped slowly down the wall, into the dark water, and I heard these words.
“This is the construct of the human condition. It is vast. Some of you have elected to come here to dismantle this construct. The way you do this is to experience the human condition in its deepest and darkest places.”
By now my awareness was at the bottom of the wall, deep in some ocean, looking at the foundation stones. The words continued, “When you experience it at this level, and choose to open your heart to it all, you collapse the construct from its very foundations. This is what you and many others are doing.”
As I watched, the huge wall slowly began to fall apart.
What I had experienced made total sense to me. Sense of my life to that point, and my purpose.
I also know that many of you are drawn to what I offer because you have the same soul purpose woven in to your design. We are here to dismantle the limiting aspects of history and remember truly who and what we are.
I knew that all I had experienced was neccessary, so I would know from the inside out, the nuts and bolts of the working of the human condition. This is important in order to understand at an energetic level how to dissolve and dismantle heavy duty patterns.

This “vision” has been strong in my awareness over the past couple of weeks. I believe we are at a point in our collective journey where it becomes possible to crash the whole construct. To bring it down.
Millions have been working on this for ever. Whenever there is a lightbulb moment thats sets you free, even in a tiny way, it dislodges a bit of mortar form the wall, weakens it.
Now, it is so weakened that it is ready to collapse. I believe the coming solstice is a significant point in this process, and we get to work with the energies a little early.

I also am very aware that the experience I am deeply engaged in at the moment, exploring cancer again, is a part of this. Disease ha been shown to me as a set of frequencies, a waveband pattern in the collective field. Its a significant piece of the human condition/experience. I don’t think it need be. I think it possible for us to rise above the frequency level of the disease patterns, and free ourselves. This too is a significant act of weakening the construct of the Human Condition.
It certainly feels like ancient patterns are collapsing in me as I move through the experience.

If you feel this is something you are aligned with, then this recording will be of interest.