Magicians and Dragons: An Invitation and Exploration


Dragon energy, magical aspects of self, so much is emerging now for us to integrate and work with.



The Sleeping Dragons have awoken, and Dragon Energy is strongly present on the planet again. This is a hugely creative life force energy, that circulates deep in the earth. It flows through the meridians of the planet maintaining balance, harmony and fertility. For thousands of years, this energy has withdrawn most of its potency into the heart of the earth, leaving us somewhat disconnected at the surface and working with levels of energy that were “safe” for us to play with as we descended into the realms of density we have engaged with for thousands of years.

Now, these energies are surfacing again, as we discard the bindings of false religious teachings that disconnected buds from our Source.

On this teleconference we will access the deep earthy, fiery dragon energies as well as their cosmic counterparts, vast flows of energy streaming through the cosmos.

We will also extend a deep invitation to the magical aspects of our selves that were buried along wth the connection to the dragon energy with the rise of religious power.

It was too dangerous to hold these energies, we were ‘meant’ to let them go, as we collectively collapsed into darkness.

Illumination is at hand now. In many forms. The Dragon and the magician are two that are wanting to be woven back into our template to help us co-create from the place that miracles emerge from.