Crystalline Connections; An Activation


This call, a crystalline activation, is being led by the crystals themselves. They, as a collective field of consciousness, want to help us to open to more of our potential, and experience a shift in our relationship with them.

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I have always loved crystals. Even before I knew anything about these beautiful stones and their multidimensional capabilities, I was entranced by their beauty.
A small quartz sphere was the first crystal I bought, in a shop in New York back in 1986. The sales girl told me of mystical qualities, healing, enhanced psychic abilities, and I thought she was mad. It didn’t stop me gazing for hours into the worlds, windows and reflections deep inside the beautiful stone.

Fast forward thirty years, and I have amassed quite a collection. I don’t seem to be able to pass a crystal store without buying something.
I’ve never felt moved to attend a crystal healing course, but in the past year, they have called to be included in some of the sessions of energy work I offer. I watch, fascinated as the energy of maybe a stunning Aquamarine pours itself, as liquid light, into someone’s system, and performs an extraordinary cleansing and balancing with its penetrating yet soothing energy. All this happens over Skype. Crazy isn’t it?
My clients usually feel the energies moving through them, and are aware if I change stones. The shift in frequencies is palpable.

Over the past few months the crystals themselves have been alerting me to the possibility of a shift in our relationship with them. Apparently, we as a race are ready to open to a whole new level of what they have to offer. Maybe even some of the potentials we explored in Atlantis.
At some level, they are the crystallisation of frequencies from far flung star systems, offering us glimpses into other worlds, so they will help with the integration process of dimensions of self that are landing now.
They certainly are willing to carry our awareness into some of the inner earth civilisations that are now opening in the fields of many.
They invite us into an expanded version of ourselves, and can help to dissolve some of the membranes and constructs of separation that we are wrapped in.

So this teleconference will be many things.
Healing certainly. I witness and experience what the crystal frequencies accomplish very rapidly in people’s systems.
Activation. This is their main motivation. They want to aid in our awakening to our potential.
Remembering too. The integration of deeply buried memories and capabilities is a possibility.
Also clearing. The liquid light of crystal frequencies wash through and cleanse debris very rapidly.

I have to acknowledge that I’m no crystal expert. Just a huge lover and enthusiast of these beauties. The crystals are leading the way on this one.
It’s going to be fun.