The Neutral Field; Higher Dimensions, A Two Part on-line Workshop.


The Neutral Field is such an important aspect of where we are heading and what we are doing. Combine this with higher dimensions and higher frequencies that are ready to emerge, and we are ready to create at a whole new level.


Since the September Equinox we have moved very firmly into new territory. My work is changing, along with everything else.

This on-line weekend intensive will explore the Field of Neutrality, and some of the higher dimensions that are now becoming more and more available.

Part of our role here on the New Earth is to hold space, to hold fields of light that synchronise and link with like fields to co-create vistas of high frequency, making life here much more liveable, much more enjoyable. These frequency fields get amplified through human forms. They get anchored in a way that is both important and very useful.

The use is both personal, in terms of speeding our evolution, smoothing our lives, deepening the dissolution of ancient patterning. It is also collective, in that it eases the journey of the whole ascending field. From the focused point of each human body, the field of neutrality can ripple out to impact everything around it.

Neutrality can be a difficult state to access and ground. If I look back, I find I have been trained in it, often through very challenging life circumstances, which have led to a very deep rust in the process of life. We will, as always, spend time clearing the field of what is departing, dissolving and then hold increasingly pure notes of neutrality. The energy of neutrality is deeply healing and clearing in and of itself, as all of the patterns of tension and holding can rise to the surface in the neutral field.

Although neutrality for some has a bad wrap, it is an incredibly powerful force field to hold and to work with. In truth, we get worked by it, because in order to hold neutrality you have to let go of your agendas. Its tricky, but always we are taken deeper from our own starting point. The collective field we co-create is a highly neutral field. We will simply be working with it more intensively. It is the perfect support for us to find, establish and enhance neutrality for ourselves.

Once we are strong in that, we will really begin to explore some of the higher dimensions of energy that are now wanting to flow into the planetary field through us. We will use the 5D as our starting point, and move on up through dimensions 6 and 7. each rise in frequency requires a dissolving of a dimensional membrane, and an inner dismantling too.  Low frequency energies simply can’t exist in the face of a high frequency influx.

Expect the weekend to be a highly charged, but deeply quiet emergence into a level of grace you have always known, and always longed for. It will be a major reset and a a huge push to your evolution.

Once these higher dimensions are connected with , they continue to work with you, and speed up your inner process dramatically.

We do this for ourselves and for the planetary collective as a significant part of our purpose on this earth at this time  is to ground these high frequency fields of light and make them widely available.

The weekend event, consists of  two teleconferences of two hours each, one Saturday one Sunday. Each will be recorded and you will be able to listen in at your leisure, so no need to actually be present on the live calls.