Synchronisation. Re-anchoring the Personality Field into the Higher Dimensional Bodies


A teleconference to help synchronise different aspects of self, moving us ever closer to unity consciousness.



On this teleconference we will explore something that has been happening more and more for a few years now, but all of a sudden it is a very active part of the field. There is a very beautiful synchronisation occurring between the personality field and the higher dimensional bodies that is such a significant step in pour individual and collective journey.
What it means is a higher, more simple level of guidance, soul knowing is available. Not because we are receiving it from anywhere else, somewhere outside of ourselves, but because we are really beginning to settle back into the relationship we used to have. A much more harmonious, immediate, and complete sense of the unity of all of our bodies, all of our aspects is available. This is linked to the coming Lions Gate portal on the 8th August, which will, as usual, see a large scale influx of higher frequencies that support and deepen this aspect of our collective evolution.

We are, of course all at very different levels and stages of personal growth and evolution, with each of us having experienced very different trajectories, and cleared differing amounts of karmic debris. This synchronisation can’t happen until a significant amount of preparation has taken place. During this teleconference, we extend an invitation and hold a space for the highest possibilities to unfold. Each will receive what thy are ready to receive. The call will help lift you to the next level of your evolution. If you are not quite ready for the synchronisation of these different aspects of self, then the energies working with us will help to prepare you, and repeated listening to the recording will deepen that process.

On the call, I will talk about some of the experiences I have moved through this year, and what has become clear as a result. We will as usual spend time in a clearing phase, allowing the energies to work with us in preparation. Part of this is a powerful and deep clearing of the collective belief in our inadequacy.Then there will be the stage of synchronisation.
I am excited by these offerings.I never know how things are going to play out, but more and more, there is clear guidance as to what we are moving through and what is on offer. This is because we are ever more evolved so the work, and the support become ever more precise.
It’s very interesting to watch, and is going to be beautiful to experience.