Energy Work for the Throat, Heart and Lungs


Very useful to support the throat, lungs and heart at this time. We will also focus on the virus itself, and whatever else The Field brings into view.



On my birthday, back in December, many lifetimes ago it seems, Guidance said to me, “Everything Changes now. Nothing will be the same.” I assumed that was totally personal.  My inner world  shifted in the days following.
It was also about what we are entering as a collective now.
The other day, I was meeting a kitchen designer to look at a design he had come up with. As he took me through his work, I started to feel very upset. I cut the meeting short and left. Sitting in the car, feeling into what was going on, I immediately burst into tears. There was a deep inner realisation of the world tipping over the edge into completely unknown territory. Not a time to buy a new kitchen at all. There was a very sharp grief for the huge loss of life that is about to unfold. This cleared rapidly as I focused into it. I was left feeling an immense strength rising from the earth.

So, we are here. At this point that we have worked toward. The world is turning rapidly now. It really doesn’t matter where you might think the virus comes from. Man made, natural or make believe. Don’t spend too much time investigating the many conspiracy theories now. That will lock you into low frequency fields. What the virus is triggering is real, and it is serving the Bigger Picture.
Life as we know it is changing rapidly. In my recent newsletter, I wrote about the amount of fear in the collective. It’s important to be aware of that, and do what you need to do to keep you field relatively free. ( see meditation Anchoring hight Frequency Energy on my Youtube channel.)
It’s also important to be in touch with your own fear. It’s natural to be frightened. Lives are at stake. People are dying, many more will die, and this is going to roll on for months yet.
Surprisingly, what I and many I am speaking to are also feeling is a strange sort of elation, an excitement. We really did incarnate for these times. Life will never be the same again.
Nobody knows how this is going to unfold. There will be major turmoil at every level. Be very present to your fears. Really give them space. You may well find underneath them, not too far underneath, you strength. An undeniable, incredible strength emerging from the depths of each of us, emerging from the depths of the planet herself.
We incarnated for The Shift. THIS IS IT. WE ARE IN IT.
If you are in any way holding back your light, delaying your evolution, staying in hiding, clinging to being small, GIVE IT UP.
The world needs your frequency to be beamed loud and clear. You need that too. Your body needs that more than anything.
We are not here to save anyone, any system, any thing. It’s way beyond that now. We are here to do what we came for, That will be different in for for each of us, but at the level of frequency it is the same. We can hold the planet in high frequency fields of light.
We can hold truth and integrity as sacred. We can keep our hearts open in the midst of chaos. We have trained for years to do this. IT IS TIME.

Everything is simplifying itself. Only what is essential matters now. Allow the simplification of your life.

I woke this morning aware that I need to offer a teleconference supporting the throat lungs and heart. Of course we will look at much more than that, but the focus will be clearing the lungs and heart.
We will also look at the fears we are holding, and importantly we will open the the vast reserves of strength, simple, quiet strength that are available just underneath the fear. It’s time to become that strength. Live it and be it.