The Healing Field; Integration


The second of The Healing Field calls will focus on smooth integration of some of the beautiful, powerful energies we are exposed to at the moment, including new timelines and an upwelling of dimensions of our field that haven’t been collectively available for thousands of years. These energies are exciting and sometimes overwhelming. This call will help with the integration of all that is available to us.

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This second Healing Field Teleconference focuses on integrating the huge energetic influxes from the past few months. Recently, over the period of the Lions Gate, there were powerful new timelines on offer. These new timelines were accompanied, very soon after by deeper dimensions of us arising into awareness. These dimensions, levels of being that hold power, wisdom, insight and technology, have not been available to us for thousands of years, possible since the time of Atlantis.

All of these energetic incursions are wonderful, and timely, but they are often hard to deal with, creating extremes of fatigue, irritation, stress. Sometimes it can feel as if we are being pulled in a thousand directions at once and there is too much going on in the energetic realms to integrate comfortable. Energies of unrelenting intensity and focus are downloading constantly. This teleconference is designed to help us with these downloads, smooth out some of the rough edges and build-ups of energy that can develop into feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion if we don’t take care of ourselves.

On this call, we will hold the co-created field, and allow it to work very deeply and gently into our bodies and energy field, releasing some of the stress and tension that can often build. We will also fully receive and integrate the new dimensions that began to open up as soon as the new timelines settled in after the 8/8.

The energies will be very deeply healing and gentle as they work through every level of our being to open up flow, ease and grace.