Multidimensionality and Childhood Sexual Conditioning


A very personal story of early sexual conditioning, and the often unexplored multidimensional aspects of this subject. Mythical beasts, reptilian energies, out of body experiences, and past life events are some of the interwoven strands in this call.

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Have you ever had that experience of knowing that there was some action you needed to take, but were in massive avoidance around it. I’ve been in that place for a while. For months now, this call has been flashing in my awareness. I have kept putting it off. It will, by its very nature, be a very personal, exposing piece of work. But, I am aware that the energy of it is sitting in my field, blocking anything else wanting to come through.
Apologies then, for the timing of this. I’m not giving much advance notice, but it needs to happen now. maybe its the solstice energies pushing things to a head. As always, the recording will be available.

There will be some grim and grisly details here, but not too much. I focus more on the healing, and the beauty that has ensued from integrating the experiences and the trauma of my very early introduction to sex. I certainly can’t deny that it was a trauma, but as always, our deepest healing and greatest gifts lie underneath the darkest of our wounds.

This is a collective wound. It points us toward the nastiest, most dense aspects of human conditioning, and reveals some of the multidimensional control and manipulation that takes place on this planet.

For me, the journey of integration involved mythical beasts, spaceships and aliens, relationships spanning lifetimes, balancing the masculine and feminine polarities,and a willingness to surrender to life. It is an ongoing process.

On this call, we engage in energy work, and the potential here is for deep healing, but I need to point out that this call does not replace the need for appropriate professional support if you are  dealing with this issue at a personal level.

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