Trusting Your System


Deepening into trust of your physical, energies system could be a life saver. We explore that on this teleconference.


I’ve had a flue like illness over the past few days. Quite intense for two days, then tapering off. I’ve had high temperatures, night sweats, body aches and extreme tiredness.  I’m hoping I’ve had “The Virus”and now have some immunity, but I really can’t say for sure. A lot of people are going down with an illness like I have experienced, or much milder. And, simply because of the very high infection rate there are large numbers who are experiencing something much more serious, or fatal.
I was watching some tv programme about the virus and it ended saying, it would appear that the virus has been “engineered to kill the elderly.” A chill ran through my body. It was a throw away comment by some news reporter, but had a deep ring of truth.

If you are at risk, please do what you need to take care of yourself with all of the recommended measures. There are other things you can do of course that aren’t recommended by The System.

I totally believe the more we have cleared our system of historic patterning, wounding, belief systems, and dense data, then the easier our passage through any disease process can be. It’s what my work over the past five years has been focused on. The clearing of personal and collective history.
It’s also important to face the fear of disease itself. It can be a very beautiful and supportive process, if we give ourselves to it. It reveals layers, softens and deepens us, enriches and enlightens, and clears us.

Over the couple of days recently when I felt unwell, I was very aware that my high temperature was loosening stuff in the field and therefore the body. I was able to access fears, resistances, resentments, all as I lay in bed, feeling like shit, but working with the process. I actively invite the disease to go as deep as it can. I ask it in to to clear my system to the optimal levels. I thank the process, bow to it, in gratitude and awe, and push as much of my unprocessed shit into the furnace as possible. I know from long experience that when nature is involved, its going to be a thorough. Just get out of the way, and support the process with trust, fluids,
I was well and fiercely trained in this I guess. Back in 2001 with my first bout of cancer, I was very ill. Terminal in fact.
Guidance took me thorough A very rigorous process. “Trust the cancer. Bow to it, welcome it, thank it for doing for you what you can’t do for yourself. Give it permission to do what it needs to do.”
It was mind blowing. Scary and intense. Every idea and belief I had was challenged and smashed.  The results were rapid, humbling, exciting and guess what…….I didn’t die. Am I ever grateful now for what I experienced then, and have practiced many times since.

We are changed irrevocably by the disease process. If we actively resist this process, are deeply frightened of it, don’t trust it, then it becomes a much more torturous affair for every one concerned. You, the body, and anyone caring for you. The whole planet sin the culmination of a disease process at the moment. If you view it through the lens of victimhood, you are never going to find the gems waiting to be discovered. If you arm yourself against it, you are possibly going to become rigid, locked in behind walls of protocol, supplements, rituals and fear. I’m not saying these things aren’t useful, I take supplements and medication, but the ultimate power is in consciousness, not ritual or potions, not in the external.
And of course, all of our bodies die at some point. This is an unbelievably important Truth to recognise NOW. Most are terrified of it. Yet it’s the only unalterable guarantee that life ever offers.
Get over it.
The body will die at some point. YOU NEVER WILL.

These are powerful times. It’s very easy to get lost in the rapidly shifting patterns of energy now, so I want to offer these a bit more regularly, and in these times of economic uncertainty, to make them as affordable as possible. This teleconference is designed to anchor us deeply in the vast fields of wisdom that our body emerges from, that we are, that the Universe is.