June Solstice Event.


Quick info


The June Solstice peaks at 10.44pm UK, on the evening of Saturday 20th.
As usual, it will be a power house of energetics and downloads. it is followed the next day by a solar eclipse, so this is truly a double whammy.

As I meditated this morning, focusing on the Solstice, I became aware of this.
The Solstice is a very useful reboot. As the electromagnetic field of the earth weakens for a short time, a different set of frequencies are able to come into play. This solstice there are some specific technologies at work. Codes for a new earth have been downloaded in waves over the past few years. This weekend will see a major upswing in that piece of energetic engineering. That is exactly what it looked like to me as I was shown a small glimpse of what is underway. A huge birthing of new frequencies for planetary consciousness.

We, as a collective are ever more able to participate with conscious awareness in these exercises. Our own vibration rises and our collective and individual mind matures. We move out of a “please do it for me” or “please can I have” spiritual relationship, into one of true partnership with our off planetary aspects and teams. The more we come into alignment with higher wisdom, the more we are able to facilitate transformation at every level are on the ground.
We really are the team members on the ground that are helping to land, seed and grow a new earth. Those in other dimensions are creating technologies, energetic structures and grids that are designed to catch, amplify make available the cosmic energies of transformation that are working.
They are delighted that we are becoming more available to this work. This is as is meant to be at this time.
The double whammy Solstice weekend is a big one in terms of what is downloading through us.
I’m aware that there has been a shift in my consciousness. It’s a movemnt away from downloads for me, to facilitate my evolution, toward working for the planet and collective. I think many are feeling this movement.
It doesn’t in any way mean that the energies aren’t personally impactful, but the emphasis is slightly different.