July Lunar Eclipse Event



The lunar eclipse taking place over the weekend of 4/5th July, closes off this series of three eclipses, and ends a bigger eclipse cycle that began back in 2018. A lunar eclipse takes place when the shadow of the earth moves between the sun and moon, casting its shadow across the lunar surface, obscuring it from view.

This is a completion point, as if we didn’t know. What is falling apart/away for you. What is shifting and changing.

We will work with the potent eclipse energies on this teleconference, as we mark the ending of the old cycle and movement into the new. It is time to harvest what we have learnt and gained. It is time to reap the rewards of our endeavours over the past couple of years. Working together on a teleconference is a perfect way to filter out the energetic debris of what is leaving, and also open to what is landing because as always the two come together, endings and beginnings.

The June solstice combined with this eclipse season, has truly moved us into new territory. It is appropriate to mark this very consciously.

There are new energetic architectures waiting for us to claim them, waiting to be installed. New possibilities are beginning to unfold.

On this teleconference we will make space for both the endings and beginnings and a whole lot more as we move froward into the second half of this pivotal year.