Focus on the Body.



Since the Eclipse series closed out on the 5th July, there has been a huge collective shift. A very deep clearing process has left us more empty and available than ever before. Can you feel that? That emptiness has created space for wisdom to emerge. It is the wisdom of the body that wants to express itself.

As I shifted out of this process, my body whispered to me early one morning, “Let me show you what I can do.”

This has intrigued me. What exactly can the body do?

For the body to demonstrate its abilities a very deep level of trust is required, along with a willingness to get out of the way. It is also important that we create the best playing field possible for the body.

Now most of us have spent years clearing an enormous amount of historic data from many levels of our system. Yes, there is always more, but there are also deeply buried attitudes of resistance toward embodiment at all. It’s time to lay this to rest, once and for all. It’s time to feel at home in the body. As we settle in more deeply, more of the capacities of the body will unfold.

It’s as if we are in possession of a world class sports car, yet we are idling along at 30 miles per hour. Nothing wrong weigh that, but there is so much more the body is capable of.

The body longs to show us how much fun incarnation can be. For this to happen we have to be willing to give up dumping our unprocessed shit into the body and expecting it to deal with it. We have to stop using the body as an excuse for not living our fullest life. We are going to need to come into partnership with the body. This involves a very deep listening and appreciation of the animal that is our body.

The body, and our relationship to it are key. The Key that unlocks so mu Ch untapped potential. We are the marriage of heaven and earth in physical form.

As we truly come to accept the gift that the body is, well its like tumblers slide into place and deeper levels of energy, awareness, connectivity reveal themselves.

This is going to be a very powerful exploration and piece of energy work.

Be prepared for a very different experience of your physical system.