Expanding The Heart Field. Working with Dimensions 5, 6 and 7.


Energy Work to expand the Heart Field, taking us into the next step of our evolution.


After the last teleconference I was wondering if I should take a break before scheduling the next one. Immediately, the field of the next teleconference dropped in to awareness. No break at all. Evolution is unfolding at warp speed.

This is what I was shown.

There are massive expansions taking place in the Heart Field. As everything up levels, this now becomes the baseline from which we move into creativity. The Heart Field is the place where duality, and polarities collapse into oneness. It is the place where seeds are planted, and where the nurturing, nourishing energy of creation upwells.

The Heart Field is a portal, capable of being an infinite space or a tiny one. we get to choose. Many are now ready to experience eternity, infinity moving through their personal heart Field into the collective space we share on these planet.

As more and more of us  elect to go beyond the boundaries of a personal heart, we recognise this space holds the key to the unfolding of the planetary evolution we incarnated toto-create.

To allow this expansion to take place, there needs to be some adjustment for many in the energy points of the throat and solar plexus and diaphragm. These regions are for most of us, still a little compromised and hinder the unfolding that wants to take place. So will will undertake energy work in these two centres, to loosen tension that restricts the expansion that is now ready to take place.  As this happens, we will hold space for a much bigger presence of heart centredness to integrate. It really in Universal presence becoming present here, within what has been the confined reality of a separated system.

Separation never was true. Now it collapses. As more of us hold this space it speeds and eases the collapse of the old realities and structures built on separation and division. this happens both in us and around us in the collective field.

This feels like an intense piece of energy work, but because it is unfolding in the heart space, it will be framed in gentleness.

It’s the next Step.