Shedding Karma, Personal, Collective and National.



It is always useful to note the currents of prevailing energy and ride them to the best of your ability. That way, you find, more often than not, you are swimming with the creative flow rather than against it. This speeds and smoothes your evolution dramatically.

Observing energy fields, I am noticing a great loosening from the depths of our being. I was not sure what I was seeing at first, but closer examination revealed a deep movement to the surface of really ancient karma.

It looks a little like being held in high intensity spotlights that penetrate deep, dissolving and releasing as they sweep through.

Everything is falling away. We can not take this stuff forward into the next phase of our incarnation, so it is being cleared. Nothing to do here. It is happening. Give a deep level invitation/permission for this to process through you.

There are no debts to repay. Nothing to forgive or be forgiven for. Everything was Uninversally understood and accepted even before it happened. If, though, you are holding on to hurts that you have caused or experienced, do a little work around this. You will find them so easy to dissolve with a little focused willingness and attention. Now, as our Vaster Selves are being revealed, all cloaking layers of identification are falling away. If we are holding on, it is only because we haven’t realised that everything can be let go of. It’s a little like

We can and will make space for all of  this to move through on this coming teleconference.

In this time, where much seems to be in turmoil, it is really important to remain as neutral as is possible. From neutrality we can watch and allow energies to move through and fall apart on the inside without becoming too reactive. This can save us a lot of time and pain, as reactivity now can loop us right back into the strands of what is clearing, taking us on an unnecessary merry-go-round.

Use whatever emotions are arising as a tool to help you clear more deeply and to find neutrality within. There are places, parts, aspects of us that already exist in complete neutrality, so set your intention to align with them, amplify them, and that way you open the door to vast amounts od Universal support.

Our nations are clearing through vast swamps of karmic residue too, as is the planetary collective.

One of the big pieces that is up collectively is the slavery issue. We love enslavement on this planet. It was woven into our genetics a long time ago. Now, it’s being released. If we choose.

It can be really difficult to stay neutral. Sometimes impossible. If you have been on a big emotional excursion, see if you can return there as quickly as possible. Just give space to it. Lie down, on the earth if you can. Come to rest, and give it all away.

These are powerful times, with an eclipsed full moon just around the corner, and more to come. We are also in the Solstice build up, which itself is couple with a Solar Eclipse. Use the intensity to your advantage. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, give up consciously or subconsciously defending against intensity, and ride the current. Allow it all in to dismantle you to your very core. You are safe to do this. It is what you came for.

“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman