A Sirian Activation.



There is some confusion around the precise date when it is the star Sirius rises over the dawn horizon to become visible again. Some say 26th July, some early August. In truth, it doesn’t really matter. What has been very apparent to me for a while now is that the energy of Sirius is very present and wants to work with us.

I have been seeing the blue light of Sirius hanging in the atmosphere, a little reminiscent of the Northern Lights phenomenon, but not quit the same.

There is an orchestrated process we are being moved through, with everything perfectly timed on a grand cosmic level. This Sirian influx is a part of that. It is time for us, en masse, to work with the energy of this star. It is the star that has had th biggest influence on our evolution. Much of the genetic material making up our DNA comes from the Sirius star system. Many of us have incarnated at least once in this system and so have deep memories, awareness and wisdom that is ready to be stimulated.

We are headed into the Lions Gate, which is a major influx of energy building through early August and peaking on 8/8. This is always a powerful time of expansion and uplevelling. This year, for some reason, it is going to be really potent.

The Sirian activation is in some ways preparation for this, but it is ver much a part of it too. It is not a separate event. In the same way the three recent eclipses were one portal, this activation is a part of the Lions gate portal opening now.

This is as usual, a very personal piece of energy work, in that everyone present will receive exactly what they are read for and open to. It also optimises our capacity to receive. We will be working for the planet too, exploring this planets long association with Sirius, and taking the energies of the Blue Star deep into planetary consciousness .