The Embodiment of Truth.



It’s a strange, strange time we are existing in on this planet. The levels of distortion and dishonesty we face at just about every level and through most outlets is extreme. We used to feel some degree of trust in elected leaders, the banking system, the medical profession. Now, much of that trust is eroded. It is very easy for this to translate into feelings of alienation, confusion, disconnection and isolation.

On the other hand, as the massive dismantling of fundamental layers of patterning and conditioning continues, we, our energetic reality reveals itself as Truth. We are beginning to shine as Truth.

This, in part, is why it is so important to develop and maintain a strong inner connection, listening attentively to the subtle whispers and guidance that come from within.

Just a few days ago, as I dropped into meditation, I was immediately aware of the field of distortion I was existing within. It was as if lies and deception are being broadcast across the ethers. I think quite literally this is what is happening. We are immersed in falsehood. At the same time, I was aware of my field repelling this distortion. There were strongly structured lines of golden light present in my field that were an antidote to falsehood.

As I focused on this, I could see that the process isn’t by any means complete for me, or for most of us. But we are in a stage of becoming Truth. It is a quality, an aspect of our essence. At our core, we are Truth. We have lived this in the past. We are returning to it now.

All of the layers of distortion dissolve in the increasing flows of light raining onto the planet, and now emerging from deep within us and the earth. We have been encased in these fields of distortion for many thousands of years, but, increasingly, Truth becomes the bedrock, the foundation for many of us. We are more able to recognise distortion and dishonesty as it is fed to use through our media outlets. As the resonance of truth that we are strengthens every day, what isn’t true becomes more jarring and more obvious.

Sitting in that meditation, I could feel the challenge to the throat, Many are experiencing this now. The throat wants to be and express truth. The broadcast we are immersed in is largely distorted. This impacts the throat, causing disruption and irritation. If you are finding this to be the case, spend some time present in your throat, and invite it to strengthen its expression of truth. You will notice an immediate release, relaxation and expansion.

On this teleconference, we will give full attention on Truth as it is seeking to express itself in, through and as us. Truth is a quality we can align with and invite. This helps us in becoming Truth. The alignment and invitation strengthen the resonance of truth and help speed the dissolution of all that is not truth in our body and energy field.

We will work with a simple, but powerful sound protocol to help with this clearing process. We will also create space for the Essence of Truth to emerge from deep within our core, and radiate through every system of the body and level of the field.

Many of us hold deep seated beliefs along the lines of, “If Im honest, no one will love me.” or “If Im true to myself, I’ll always be alone.” We will pay special attention to the belief systems we hold which are still distorted, and to the heart and throat to support these aspects of our reality.

We are becoming what we are meant to be. Beacons of Truth. As more of us stand in the irrepressible resonance of Truth, creating a planetary field of integrity,  then distortion, all that is not truth cannot exist.