Deepening The Realisation of Mastery.



Our evolution seems extreme, pushing us to our limits. What if that pressure was to help us realise something about ourselves. What if the extremes are to help us burst out of the bubbles of containment we have existed within, so we meet, and are met by, greater, more expanded versions of ourselves.

Now, I am being alerted to the need to contemplate Mastery. What does that mean?  Is that a possibility? How might that be achieved? Is it achieved or realised. What stands inner way? What is is we become masters of?

The questions are endless and, as usual, everyone will have their own answers around his field of enquiry. It is a useful enquiry, particularly at the moment it seems.

What is being made clear to me is that, in other dimensions, this is already realised and lived. Those dimensional aspects are ready and willing to help the parts of us that are still living separation to varying degrees. This is a really valuable opportunity.

Even contemplating these questions produces results, creates shifts in awareness, and the way we experience our selves.

On this teleconference we will make a deep enquiry of Mastery, which will open us into the vast field of loving support available. In that Field of Grace, much can fall away, much can be realised.

I hope you will join me.


Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash