The Vessel. Strengthening The Container.



The process we undergo on this journey toward wholeness is a continual emptying out and filling up, emptying and filling. It has gone on over many lifetimes. We have been prepared for the time we find ourselves in. A time of Grand Awakening.

What I have been watching for weeks now as I engage in one to one work, is the “vessel” that we are, coming into view. There has been so much intense stripping down and emptying. The dense fabric of the personality structure has,  for many of us has been worn away. The intense influxes and downloads of high frequency light that we experience constantly now are dismantling huge swathes of collective conditioning and patterning.

This Vessel is a holding device if you like. A beautiful structure needed to hold the incoming light of our soul essence. That is unstructured and requires a strong, stable form into which it can pour itself.

Over many lifetime the vessel has been crafted. Now, it is revealing itself. I believe this is because we are ready to receive much higher, or stronger fields of light. I constantly have the experience of a part of me, a large part, being out there, watching the planet. Waiting. I think the waiting is almost over.

The personality structures that are based on wounding, lack, loss and trauma are falling away more and more quickly, leaving this vessel fashioned over many lifetimes. Its luminosity is woven from strands of strength, fortitude, wisdom courage, perseverance.  It looks to me line a structure burnished by lifetimes of commitment to the goal, even when we had no idea there was any goal at all.

This teleconference is about paying some attention to this vessel. Burnishing it even more. Becoming the container, for a while, before we are filled again.

It will involve a powerful letting go of identity structure that no longer served and a distillation of wisdom accumulated over many lifetimes, to strengthen the vessel.


“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman