Detach and Release; Becoming The Portal



I’m very excited by what I am seeing as a major unravelling potential in the collective field. It is in part a preparation for the Lions Gate on 8/8 which is going to be very big.

It is more than simply preparation though. It is a major detachment from the slow moving, swampy pool of collective beliefs that we all participate in on this planet.

For generations, stretching back through time, our patterns, practices, religions, beliefs, lacks and defences, and much much more, have formed what we might call family systems. These are fields of belief and karma that we incarnate into as families, in order to work through as a group.

When we are deeply attached to these, we evolve slowly at the speed of the collective. We are anchored through the family system of energy into bigger, regional, and national collective fields. We evolve the fields and the fields evolve us. But slowly.

We are anchored into our history and big karmic patterns through these fields.

It has always been possible to detach from these fields. It is a necessary part of the journey of individualised evolution to do that. You then go through the process of feeling like an outcast, feeling disloyal. All of those processes that hallmark our healing journey as we set ourselves free and evolve at an individualised rate.

Now, there is a massive dissolution of these systems. It is a part of the Lions Gate Portal, and it is huge. The separating out of dimensions, and a major choice point on this planet.

The collective beliefs are a major limit as to what is possible. This impacts us in terms of health and wellbeing, abundance, and our experience of the “miraculous”.

If you are operating at the speed of the slow moving collective, then you will be governed by the collective belief systems.
This is a massive “timeline” shift. I cant stress that one enough. I think it’s the beginning of us as a rapidly evolving collective, starting to demonstrate what is possible, simply through shifting frequency.

Greater vitality, immunity, wellbeing, happiness. More abundance, flow, harmony and creativity are available when we align ourselves into the Universal currents and release all attachment to historic fields that are dissolving on this planet now.

Of  course individuals and groups will be able to hold onto their collective fields, but they will have to work harder and harder to do this. This might give rise to more and more extreme behaviour. It’s an interesting time we are moving into. Very exciting.

We will of course receive enormous support from the amazing field of beings that assemble to aid us in the work we do. They are telling me that we are the portal that we move through and that moves through us. It is not an external experience, it is wholly internal, and very beautiful.


“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman