The Emerging Masculine. Becoming The Seed.


Underneath the exhausted conditioning of the old masculine construct, something new is emerging.


The other day I was cycling a route I have ridden many times. Not a particularly challenging route but this time I felt utterly exhausted. I tuned in while I was on the bike. The deep tiredness emanating from my belly radiated through my body.  As I watched it unfold, I understood immediately that this was some ancient masculine patterning. I was a bit surprised. I have moved through many layers of the wounded, exhausted warrior template. But here it was again, full force.

Back home, I lay on the sofa and gave myself to the process. It was big. It is big.

It is the emergence of the true masculine, unshackled from the chains and patterns of warfare and competition. We have been waiting for this energy to emerge for a while now. Many have been talking about it, but this is the first time I have seen and experienced it at this level. It is ready to emerge as the true, strong, energy it is and always has been. It is ready to emerge from under the wreckage of what has been lived for thousands of years. It is ready to support creation, rather than control or corrupt it.

Imagine what it could mean if we were really free of the bondage of the controlling patriarchal structures on the planet. We are getting glimpses of how beautiful it could be now. Nature restores herself so quickly as soon as we give her a tiny breathing space. Imagine how wonderful it will be to have the True Masculine energies accompanying the True Feminine on this planet. It hasn’t happened for many thousands of years.

Now, we are witnessing the coming together. It is very special. It heralds a new phase of creation, where the masculine is not dominating but supporting. Where it is taking action on behalf of creation rather than directing and “owning” the process.

As always, the clients that show up for energy work  and my own process demonstrate what it is I need to see and be aware of.

This week has been beautiful in what is unfolding. The exhausted, deeply wounded, warrior energy that has been rampant on the planet, locked into competition, warfare, and controlling resources is ready to let go. The terrified masculine that has gone into hiding, afraid of the brutality of engaging in the old way, and totally unsure how or what to be in this new world, well that is dissolving too.It is beginning to feel the support of the emergence of truth.

This point of pause we are experiencing on the planet is really giving space to this process. On this teleconference we will give space to it too. We will allow the ancient pattering to fall away, and give space to the true beauty that is now emerging.

This is not about male or female, but masculine and feminine. It doesn’t matter what body you chose in this life. We are all of the conditioning of all of the bodies on the planet. And we are so much more. Underneath all of the identities we have worn, many lifetimes in male bodies, many in female bodies, there is a cosmic union taking place. Creations is birthing itself anew. In us and around us.

There are so many beautiful layers and aspects to this. I will write more over the coming days.