The September Equinox Teleconference.




We are almost at the September Equinox. Its precise time is 2.30pm UK, on Tuesday 22nd September. It is one of the two points in the earths yearly rotation around the sun when there is roughly equal night and day across the planet. A time of balance and harmony.

Only it doesn’t seem that way on this planet at all, not now, not ever.

Maybe it is useful to view the earth rotation as a spiral. The sun isn’t static in space. it is hurtling through the cosmos at vast speeds, pulling the planets with it, as they all spiral around the solar centre point. There are unimaginable powers and forces, distances and velocities at work in this huge vortex as it moves across the universe.

We are cushioned from all of that by the planetary field, which stabilises everything, allowing enough solar radiation to land to keep everything in balance on the planet.

On this planet there are extreme forces at work too. Maybe we have never been so polarised and split. Forces of control and domination are seeking ascendency, but the less obvious forces of the evolutionary imperative are working here too.

On this teleconference, taking place over the actual time of the Equinox, we will harness the cosmic influxes available at these power points in the calendar. We will draw them deep into ourselves and into the planets heart to maximise their availability and impact. In this way we empower the impulse of evolution toward wholeness, balance and harmony.

Many will be working at the time of this teleconference. The recording will be available immediately the call ends. The energy of the live event imprints into the recording and will be very useful to listen to over the following days.