The Lions Gate Portal, August 2019


The Powerful Lions Gate Portal of 2019 offers streams of stellar energy, a deep genetic activation, and an opening of new timelines.

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The Lions Gate portal begins to open on July 26th, with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius over the horizon, singling a new year of growth.
The portal peaks on August 8th. I have had some particularly powerful experiences on this date, and a few years ago was nudged to mark it by offering a teleconference gathering which will enable all to share in a very beautiful, powerful co-created field of energy that will deepen our souls embodiment and awaken and activate DNA changes for our growth.
Expect to experience very strong streams of starry energy moving into and through your field and a genetic activation which will help to open us up to the next level and phase of growth.

On this call there was a powerful opening of new timelines, as well as a deep interaction with Lion Headed Beings, Sirius Energies, and Ganesha paid a visit too.
A very powerful call.