Physical Upgrades and Clearing the Deep Victim


Some of the deepest strands of victim/persecutor archetype are clearing. Combine this with upgrading work into the spine, sacrum and nervous system and you have powerful piece of energy work.



Physical Upgrades and Clearing the Deep Victim

We have recently shifted timelines. We moved off the timeline of the victim/tyrant polarity that runs this planet. It will still play out, but we don’t have to engage in that dimension. We have choice.
What this means is that some of the deepest strands of the archetypal victim pattern are up on the surface, ready to clear. On this call, we help that process along.
We are also opening to some of the very beautiful upgrades that are happening in and around the physical body. Here we focus on the spine and sacrum. These are places of extraordinary activity. Along with the rest of the nervous system, we have dumbed them down in order to survive the harshness of brutal lifetimes on this planet.
Now, we are opening this innate sensitivity back up, and receiving new strandings, wiring, coding for the next phase of our evolution.

The energetic influx on this call was very powerful, a re-weaving of personal sovereignty, right through the spine and sacrum. Beautiful energies, penetrating very deep into the bodies structure.

As usual, I work with a mix of story, sound, meditation and energy work. The beings and energies that join with us actually do all of the work. We co-create a field around the planet that has a balancing and harmonising effect on the wider collective. Its lovely.

If this resonates or interests you then join me in this powerful transmission. The energy of the live event is held in the recording.