The State of Play.


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Its been while since I last offered a teleconference, and a lot has happened. I have continued to see clients for one to one work over the past month and themes have presented themselves in sessions and in my own experience.
One thing many have been experiencing is a deep tiredness. There has also been a lot of depression coming to the surface.
This is entirely natural, and a collective response to where we find ourselves. It’s as if there is a deep acceptance of the state of the world, and that is depressing  and exhausting. There isn’t going to be a magic bullet, or a wand waved. It’s a bit of a mess on Planet Earth at the moment. It’s likely to get worse. The situation will probably become more intense, more tightly controlled.
How do we deal with this? It’s an important question.
As always, feeling the emotional and physical energy that is present is a significant part of this. Depression is an appropriate response to the way things are moving. If you allow yourself to feel what is there, without censorship, it will move and transform very quickly. We only get into trouble when we avoid or suppress these feelings.
This is also a massive collective response, and at that level, it has to be acknowledged, so it’s very useful to ask if the feelings, the energy you are experiencing is yours or the collectives. Often it is a bit of both.. If it is primarily collective energy then once this is recognised it becomes very easy to disentangle yourself.

At another level, we are expanding hugely, with our energy field, our Greater Self integrating more and more  levels and dimensions. This requires some vigilance in and of itself. I have recently undergone a powerful clearing of cosmic attachments that left me in a very different place.

These different movements are both about very deep acceptance of what is. The state of play on planet earth and the state of integration of our Cosmic Selves. The polarities have  a perfect point of balance that lies at the heart of the issue, at the heart of our being.

So, it’s past time to get back in the saddle, and offer a teleconference. Very short notice on this one. Apologies for that. It’s going to be this evening, Sunday 13th September. A bit later than usual, 8.00pm UK. Hopefully this will allow more to attend.

We will simply allow the energies present to be experienced and to settle, dismantle, integrate…….whatever they need.
We will also work with a powerful clearing of cosmic attachments.
This will of course be held and facilitated by a vast field of support from the non physical realms. As I’m writing, I can feel their collective energy. They are happy to get back to work in the co-created filed too.


There is no charge for this teleconference. Donations are very gratefully received.