Dissolution and Distillation. Alchemy In Action. A Free Teleconference.


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Over the years many ingredients have been assembled and added to the mix that is our personal field. There have been huge sequences of integration and influx. Many aspects of us, from other worlds and dimensions have shown up. Past life energies, trainings and wisdoms have integrated.

It has been the most extraordinary experience participating in the coming together of our vastness.

Now, what I am witnessing and experiencing is a deep dissolution. It’s as if everything is in a state of flux. Nothing certain. All that came together is dissolving.

Nothing is solid. We see this inner state mirrored in our outer world. What I understand as I watch is that this is a distillation phase. This is happening deep in the field. This dissolution and distillation has a purpose. We are alchemical in nature and we are being reformatted.  It is very much akin to the caterpillar moving into the chrysalis to dissolve completely to its old life, allowing something new to be born.

As always, it’s best not too resist this, even though it may feel uncomfortable or scary. We like certainty. We like to know who we are, what we are. Holding out for certainty is not useful in a dissolution phase. If you can surrender to the not knowing that will make for an easier transition. It actually speeds and smooths the process

We are being moved collectively. I experience the dissolution in my own field, and see it when I am doing energy work with others. In the dissolution/distillation huge amounts of energy no longer needed or useful can be swept away. It is literally the scum of our old patterning rising to the surface to be cleansed. Core wounds are now being  activated, bringing them to awareness so they can release.

I have felt massive fear and anxiety over the past few days. Some of my deepest wounds are triggered. I feel wrong at my core. Initially as this happens,  I tend to get a little lost, believe the wound. Then I get a handle on it and recognise it as a beautiful opportunity to clear at ever deeper levels.

This is distillation in action. It is very much a collective purification. and preparation.
Our long journey has taken us down many paths, and we have wrapped ourselves in may identities and beliefs. Much of this is ready to be burnt off now.

We of course, experience this as old patterns coming round yet again. If you are experiencing this, best not to engage too deeply. Simply acknowledge what is being felt and let it flow away. It is being dislodged form your system..

This dissolution and distillation process is about becoming uncontained. The membranes and barriers that have kept us discreet and separate, both internally and externally, are really falling away now.

I can’t say too much about what is being born as we are not there yet, and I don’t have words to describe what I have seen so far. It is beautiful though.

As usual, there are many elements and aspects to this that we will look at on the teleconference. We will work to ease and deepen the dissolution/distillation. Moving through this as a group will be a powerful experience, one that facilitates and deepens the potent clearing that is happening at this time.

One of the most beautiful things I’m aware of currently is that millions of anchoring points, lines of energy that attach us to people, places, situations and things are dissolving at the moment too. The freedom this brings will feel wonderful. We will take time to include that as well.

We can trust that anything useful for us will be coming along for the ride, possibly in a different form.

“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman ”